About us

We are non-profit non-governmental organization established in spring 2011 by the Voluntary Association of Municipalities “Marianskolazensko” with the purpose to provide community- and partner-based projects in our region. The wide spectrum of public participation in projects aims at strengthening regional identity, which is the key premise of future Marianskolazensko development. Marianskolazensko as a region within the former Sudetenland* is still affected by the impact of nearly complete exchange of populations after WWII, leading to limited sense of local regional identity and limited sense of belonging. Without the inclusion of local citizens the development of Marianskolazensko region would remain limited. 
For this reason our organization, together with other active partners in the region, tries with the help of specific projects to eliminate this regional handicap. We use for this purpose the unique nature condition of the spa town Marianske Lazne, close vicinity of Bayern and the personal and financial background of our founder – the Voluntary Association of Municipalities “Marianskolazensko”. 
The natural part of our job is networking – connecting partners with similar interests.
The Sudetenland (Czech and Slovak: Sudety, Polish: Kraj Sudetów) is the German name (used in English in the first half of the 20th century) to refer to those northern, southwest, and western areas of Czechoslovakia which were inhabited mostly by German speakers, specifically the border districts of Bohemia, Moravia, and those parts of Silesia located within Czechoslovakia.